Gameplay Journal – 15/10/2020

Sorry for not making a diary these past few days. Either I’ve been grinding or I haven’t played at all.

So Suikoden. Grinded a bit to upgrade everyone’s gear at Antei and also equipped Qlon along the way, yesterday. Hataiate (Head Gears) and Guard Rings on everyone. Still need to buy Shinobi Clothes (Ninja Suit) for everyone, I think I have it for Flik and Viktor?

Secondly. I’ve started Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes, PC-98 version (I couldn’t read some of the kanji in the PC-88 version due to the tiny font). This is a game I’ve wanted to start for a while and like, it started out kind of cute (young prince Selios goes out to beat up monsters instead of study), but then it started so by the numbers it was kind of silly, his town of El’Asta gets attacked, he escapes to Rudia where the king, Akdam, boldly proclaims he killed his dad, the former king As’El of Rudia, and caused the attack on El’Asta. And now he’s going to take over the world or whatever and like imprisons Selios, then he gets set free and joins the resistance to take down Akdam. Not many games can make the claim that they have you walk into a “I killed your dad” speech at the very prologue.

Yesterday I played through a bit of it, went through the prologue, and a linear cave with stationary Owl enemies that combined, raised Selios to Lv4, recruited Lunan, then I was hit with a mandatory EXP gate to Lv8 before Aron (Ryas’ brother, Ryas being Selios’ tutor, elderly mentor and caretaker), leader of the resistence and his granddaughter Sonia would tell me where to go next, which was freeing the injured miners at the Velga Mine. Suffice to say, I only grinded to Lv7 because the grind was just too much to stomach with such low exp gains and no “x points until next level up” counter, from what I could find. Managed to get Row (Low?), a wandering freeloader who mocks you for being weak until you reach Level 6 at which point you can recruit him, though.

Today, I finished the grind and got the mission. Headed to Velga, spoke to Pete and went off to beat up the commander, first few attempts went dreadful, due to him using Siles on my party and himself, and my Res Leaves not being enough for the battle (400HP when the max for the more reasonable enemies was 60), I didn’t notice the first page of the inventory was filled with items from the start of the game. Even then I just Flam 3’d his ass with Row and used Res Leaves when I had <=50 HP on any character. Anyway, I freed the miners, recruited Gale, who they confused with The Other Gale, the great thief Gale, and there was a silly scene where Row made fun of the guy and Gale just kept getting mad. Stormed Rudia the morning after, slayed some soldiers and a commander (much easier with Gale’s equipment and higher level). Akdam then ran away by boat. Chapter 1 clear, as we take back the throne.

After freeing Felicia, Selios’ mom, and getting the Tear of Gilmore from her, I raided the basement storage and headed to Nelia Harbor. Bought a ship, fell asleep at the inn, saw my Gold being drained, which lead to a cutscene where most of the party suspects Gale again, and we sailed off to Rondo Harbor the next morning. Currently grinding for some Chain Mail after buying some Iron Spears, both costing 1000. I mostly just have to buy Chain Mail for Selios since, for Gale, I can just get the Chain Mail found at the nearby Bloodshed Cavern, according to a spoiler-free flowchart-ish walkthrough I’m using from of the Super Famicom version. Gotta get this done at a reasonable pace!

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Queer nerd who likes RPGs a bunch. Not rocket propelled grenades you dummy! Subpar at Japanese but plays JRPGs in Japanese, still.

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