Sort of belated Gameplay Journal – 18/10/2020

Yesterday was a bit of a special day as I’ve jailbroken my 3DS and Vita. I’m not sure if linking to guides here will result in trouble for me so I’ll abstain, but you can find guides extremely easily on Google or DuckDuckGo or whatnot, be it for homebrew or the P word.

The Vita was rather easy, my brother originally installed h-encore, but to link my PSN account to the console, I had to format the console. Some rigamaroles with FTP programs and whatnot later it was done. The 3DS involved a lot of SD card inserting and removing and it was far more complicated.

To christen them, I installed BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend on the Vita as the original BlazBlue’s PSP port was a very dear game to me when I was younger and Mario Maker 3DS due to just being super into Mario level making (started working on a SMW romhack but I’ve been sidetracked by enemy coding, 65c816 ASM being the one programming language I’ve retained for longer than one year).

To test out BBCS I ran a couple of rounds with Bang. I’m in that sort of experience level where I’m lowkey mashing, but trying to do the commands on the command list at the same time, which is to say, kind of a beginner? Virtua Fighter feels easier haha. Beat Makoto and Carl and then stopped. Had my fill. Super good game and I’m curious about doing Story Mode and some Arcade Mode runs as well.

To test out MM3DS (very much an inferior version but I don’t really mind the lack of sharing since I can just play my own levels, I still can’t recommend this to anyone haha) I started working on a underground pipe maze level. I made it to the midpoint for now and I’m not aiming for a long stage. I’ll try to upload it to an online Mario Maker level database once I’m done. So far just playing around and designing feels great. Sadly you do have to beat the Super Mario Challenge to unlock everything. I’m at World 6 by now, but I’ve been playing since this morning so…

I’m planning to do the Switch next, but I’ll abstain until like March next year so I can save money for a safety net before I sell my patched one. Ones that are explicitly hackable go for at least €200 on eBay.

Published by KobaBeach

Queer nerd who likes RPGs a bunch. Not rocket propelled grenades you dummy! Subpar at Japanese but plays JRPGs in Japanese, still.

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