Gameplay Journal 23 to 25/10/2020

Started two games on my Vita’s PSP emulator, Final Fantasy I and Genso Suikoden I&II‘s Suikoden I port. While this means I’ve had to restart progress, I’ve made it back pretty quickly. Without the ability to quickly access Jisho I have to rely a lot more on the little Japanese I know and it’s working a bit considering the visual storytelling that goes along. Need to continue Genki.

First day I started Final Fantasy and made it to Pravoka, used my usual Fighter/Monk/Red Mage/White Mage party. Names are Takeru, Max, Andrei and Viktor, respectively. All in hiragana because I’m evil like that. Grinding money for equipment and such before moving on to Elfheim.

Later I started Genso Suikoden and went up to… Lenan Kamp I believe? Second day I pretty much played it nonstop and made it up to the Soniere Prison, and today, same thing, made it to Shasarazade. Recruited everyone, still have to recruit Sonya. Currently grinding to get maxed out weapon levels and equipment for everyone, and I’ll have to do it one more time after I get everyone for a certain character (spoilers~).

Suikoden is just like popping bubble wrap to me… ^^ Thinking of replaying the first two Arc the Lads again then do 3, continue FF1, first maybe play Sui2 after. I’m gonna try to do minimal-distraction marathons like this on the PC too, but it’s harder because despite being an antisocial hikikomori, I still like some socialization.

Published by KobaBeach

Queer nerd who likes RPGs a bunch. Not rocket propelled grenades you dummy! Subpar at Japanese but plays JRPGs in Japanese, still.

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