Designing a “Dragon Quest clone”

I’m gonna be real here and say that a lot of westerners don’t really like Dragon Quest because of how it’s designed. There have been takes of it being “poorly designed” and the like but I’d like to discuss a certain game for a little bit, today. Cosmic Fantasy: Bouken Shounen Yuu (Adventurous Boy Yuu)Continue reading “Designing a “Dragon Quest clone””

Vay and the Perception of a Game

Morning, Noon, Evening! Sorry for vanishing, it’s been a while. Didn’t really have much use for this site, but I’d like to speak about video games. My personal site isn’t the best place for it, haha. So, Vay. What do you know about it. You may have heard its name if you’re in the retroContinue reading “Vay and the Perception of a Game”

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