Gameplay Journal 23 to 25/10/2020

Started two games on my Vita’s PSP emulator, Final Fantasy I and Genso Suikoden I&II‘s Suikoden I port. While this means I’ve had to restart progress, I’ve made it back pretty quickly. Without the ability to quickly access Jisho I have to rely a lot more on the little Japanese I know and it’s workingContinue reading “Gameplay Journal 23 to 25/10/2020”

Gameplay Journal – 15/10/2020

Sorry for not making a diary these past few days. Either I’ve been grinding or I haven’t played at all. So Suikoden. Grinded a bit to upgrade everyone’s gear at Antei and also equipped Qlon along the way, yesterday. Hataiate (Head Gears) and Guard Rings on everyone. Still need to buy Shinobi Clothes (Ninja Suit)Continue reading “Gameplay Journal – 15/10/2020”

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